Take note, Brand Atlanta

17 Sep

AJC’s Newcomer blog (they have so many blogs!) is understandably fed up with and confused by all the arbitrary rankings of Atlanta in various periodicals, so they ask their readers what Atlanta actually is best at or where they think the city ranks in the top. The expression “to damn with faint praise” comes to mind when reading the positive responses, but that happens any time someone tries to sell Atlanta as a desirable place to live.

And naturally, like all opportunities for anonymous people to post their opinions anywhere on AJC.com, things tailspin from thinly-veiled racism to overt bigotry immediately. However, some of the comments were hilarious, either because they were legitimately clever, really creepy, or bizarre in their perspective on our demographics:

Atlanta has become a nightmarish hell hole full of arrogant, self-centered people. It started happening around late 1991, and then exploded in 1996 after the Olympics.

I could go on and on but my take is we’re like an A-/B+ student rather than a savant in one subject which is fine w/me.

I love looking and laughing at all the fat/overweight/potbellies men and women walk by when I visit Midtown,Downtown, All over town. Nothing beats that when you are trying to enjoy whatever ATL has to offer. Which is NOTHING.Go to Turner field to enjoy a ballgame-fat people. Go to the Aquarium to enjoy sealife-fat people sweating profusely.Go to Stone Mountain to enjoy nature-fat people who can’t walk or hike no more than a few steps. Atlanta is good for laughing at and staring at FAT people. Priceless.

If Dana doesn’t win the Sexy Legs contest, I’ll buy her tickets to see Tina Turner

I think were #1 or #2 on the homeless peoples best place to move to. We also have the largest numbers of elevators and stairwells that smell like urine. Also, number one in stranger on stanger murders. We also are number one in attractions that only need to be seen once every decade or so.

Worst: ITP snobs who think ATL is the best in every category (and especially better than the ‘burbs). Best: the weather (btw, it’s the same in the ‘burbs as intown).

Lotta big a** women in the ATL ! Too many buffets & AYCE specials.

Can’t we do something to attract more Asians. Sure some of their food smells weird and some put “unique” features on their lawns, but in 50 years we might actually have a flying car. I would also love to see our beloved BET award show replaced with a quality manufacturing and engineering show.

This city is SO WEIRD. BTW, the weather is not the same here as it is in the suburbs, because it is like a tornado alley or something up there.

4 Responses to “Take note, Brand Atlanta”

  1. Decatur Metro Friday, September 19, 2008 at 4:22 pm #

    I hate myself for having neglected my pecanne log reading for so long. Those comments are priceless…I’m glad someone else thinks that the AJC blogs and their commenters are freaking nuts.

    I like how they just ask their readership softball questions (Do you hate bad guys? Why is MARTA so slow? What do you think about high gas prices?), but then never have any correspondence beyond asking the question. I think they must have developed some kind of new technology that turns inane comments into electricity. How else can you explain the ridiculous way they “blog”?

  2. pecanne log Friday, September 19, 2008 at 6:24 pm #

    Actual questions from today: American Idol v. American Race? Which room would you renovate? Do schools have to use textbooks? What is your story about a cell phone ringing at an inopportune time? And the best: Are we even capable of laughing at ourselves here?

  3. Thomas Wheatley Friday, September 19, 2008 at 9:13 pm #

    I saw a great one this morning asking whether people should be allowed to watch pornography on airplanes. Really.


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    […] Speaking of the paper that used to over Dixie like the dew, the fine ladies at Pecanne Log poke a little fun at Atlanta at the expense of the AJC and how the paper of record always seems to […]

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