AJC is obsessed with “The Face Book”

31 Jul

Now (as of Tuesday) that the AJC has its own Facebook page, they are milking their keen readership for tips on how to exploit this page for the benefit of their collective sex lives. However, they may not understand that Facebook is slightly different from, say, Adult Friend Finder.

Access Atlanta is trying to make their “Best of the Big A” issue sooooo 2008 so they want to know: Where’s the best place to meet a Facebook date in metro Atlanta?

Let’s set aside the unfortunate truth that you trimmed 40 pounds off yourself in your online description…But where to meet? Starbucks?

A) Okay, Facebook definitely doesn’t ask for weight or even the most basic physical description because it’s not a dating site. B) The only place any commenters can mention by name is Starbucks due to their vulnerability to the power of suggestion.

Still, others wanted to weigh in on the whole concept of taking out someone you met on Facebook:

How about the loser cafe! Because you have to go online to get a date!

meet her on myspace, that always works…

If you’re trying to pick up people on Facebook, you’re most likely meeting them at Chuck E. Cheese.

Also, commenter “What?” cruelly pointed out a typo in Phil Kloer‘s post, but don’t worry, Phil – “sixfig” has your back:

Phil OWNED the first comment poster(What). I bet (what) talks smack all the time online on AJC, but when confronted he backs down like the little biaaaotch he is. Quit hating so much. You admitted you were only in editor in Carrolton (middle of nothing. Your papers only go out once on Sunday so you had a whole week to edit it. Way to go Phil; keep chin checking these internet haters. I’m going to find out who that guy was, and we can go to his job and find faults in everything he does.

Access Atlanta commenters are damaged goods

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